2019 Orleans Raftsmen Coaching & Support Staff

The Orleans Raftsmen would like to introduce the 2019 coaching and support staff for the upcoming QMFL football season.

Head Coach – Ron Raymond – Coaching Bio

Manager – Jodie Marion

Offensive Coordinator – Christian Nalli

Defensive Coordinator – Nic Lortie

Position Coach – Jim Kearns

Position Coach – Rene Beauchemin

Position Coach – Ryan MacPherson

Position Coach – Paul Ingram

Position Coach – Marc Ingram

Position Coach – Marcus Severe

Position Coach – Mike Black

Position Coach – Cam Veck

Position Coach – Alex Gauthier

Position Coach – Isaiah Harris

Head Trainer – Lona Beck

Trainer – Rene Beauchemin Sr.

Video and Camera Technician – Justin Marion

President – George Zigoumis
Vice President of Football Operations – Micheal “Chilli” Johnson
Vice President of Admin -Marna Durante